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Kamzík Tower

Kamzík broadcasting tower represents a unique combination of art and functionality. It was built in an unusual way – from top to bottom – and ever since completion in 1975, it has not only broadcast radio and television channels but also offered a unique atmosphere and perspective of the capital. The project’s authors – architect Jakub Tomašák, engineer Stanislav Májek, and structural analysts Juraj Kozák and Milan Jurica – managed to create an architecturally inspiring building that merges technology with pleasure.

194 m

The shape of the tower resembles a wine bottle, a symbol of the Little Carpathian Wine Area and the vineyards it towers over. With its 194 metres, it is the tallest building in Bratislava and it is made of reinforced concrete with steel pillars. The city’s iconic dominating structure unequivocally identifies Bratislava for everybody to see – even from beyond the border.